• The Twitch Bitch Experiment

    The setup:
    Changed the title of my stream to “Girl Gamer going through campaign of BFH”
    And tweeted “#GamerGirl Going through campaign of Battlefield Hardline #BFHardline with facecam this time. Let’s see how it goes. http://twitch.tv/lamatech”
    Also added a camera that showed my face very clearly in the top right corner of my stream.

    Question; Will this bring more viewers?
    Answer; No

    375 total views before show started
    405 total views after I was done for the day
    0 more followers from the stream

    So the conclusion for this short experiment is that being a girl and promoting a stream as a “Girl Gamer”-stream is not enough to gain viewers. Either that or the US is still in bed, as it is Sunday morning for them. A girl does need to be entertaining, whether that be from showing her chest region or from the conversation she has, to get views.

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  1. Minken says:

    Very good test.

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