• 310 views on my channel

    This is a milestone for me. I now have a total of over 300 views on my Twitch channel. I realize it’s mostly my friends and people I know, but still. I haven’t had that many streams yet, and this is a motivation to keep going, and to get to that first magical number, which is 1000, or 1K 😉

    I am getting ready for my first event, the Mission Minecraft, and I am hoping that that event will be the one to push me over into 1KV (a term I just made up, similar to Y2K, meaning one thousand views). 😛 There will be promo stuff and I will do everything that I know how to to get the viewers I want. Before the event I will make sure that everything I have already is set up the way I want it to. There will be highlighted broadcasts in Twitch, my YouTube will have several videos that people can watch. The viewers I get on that event will be viewers to keep. Hoping for 5+ subscribers as well from the event. And given that all my friends already subscribe, I am going to have to work for it. Looking forward to doing this, just need to find the right date.

    If all goes according to plan, I will make several Missions. A Mission-series, where I play various games and where the common denominator will be doing what the chat says. Wish me luck 😉

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